Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty offers such a system.  Records cleaned on a Nitty Gritty system reproduce all the music stored in their grooves without the interference and masking of record pollutants.  The improvement in sound that a Nitty Gritty cleaning makes is so dramatic that the benefit of upgrading one component of a hi-fi system is less significant by comparison.  The Nitty Gritty record cleaning system has established itself as an essential component in every hi-fi system.

Two! Two! Two Pumps in One!
With the 2.5Fi-XP’s two pumps, youcan put purified water in one reservoir and, in the other, Nitty Gritty’sown new PUREnzyme+ fluid, for example.Or you can put yourchoice of fluid in one and water in the other, ora different cleaning fluid in each reservoir, or whatever.And having two reservoirs is particularly useful whenyou’re using an enzymatic or otherfluid, such as Disc Doctor’s, that requires a follow-up water rinse

PUREnzyme+ - a 2nd-generation enhanced enzyme cleaning fluid developed by Nitty Gritty.  This power cleaner, formulated to deep-clean even the nastiest of used records, diminishes surface noise and unleashes the dynamics and subtle detail in your records.  Scrub with PUREnzyme+, rinse with PURE 2 Rinse (optional) and vacuum -- a quick, 2-step process ideally suited to the new Nitty Gritty 2.5Fi-XP cleaning machine.  PUREnzyme+ is suitable for use with all cleaning machines, and is especially effective when scrubbed with the Nitty Gritty bristle brush.  



The OVATION MA8 delivers nearly any desired power level even into critical loudspeakers without loss of control. Far over 1000 Watts into 4 Ohms are surely sufficient for reproduction of any kind of music even when listening at original sound levels. Nevertheless this amplifier can also play at moderate levels without loosing precision or missing even finest details.

The OVATION MA8 has been developed to satisfy even highest demands on reproduction of music. Forget about noise and distortion and enjoy it's warm and powerful music reproduction – regardless which loudspeaker you use.

It's excellent musical quality comes together with a very worthy finish: The case is totally made of aluminum. The power transformers inside (2 x 1000 VA, 2 x 120 VA) are mounted into a shielding case that ensures that no mechanical hum or electrical stray fields can influence the electronic circuitry of the amplifiers.

In the typical look of the Ovation Line, the CD8 is an impressive appearance. Built of solid, thick aluminum parts the sensitive electronics is safely protected inside. Incoming digital signals with max. resolution 192/24 are processed on the digital inputs as well as redbook standard signals from the built-in CD drive. The slot-in mechanism is a Pure-CD drive spring mounted and completely capsuled. Second to none is the processing of the digital signals in balanced DA Converters separated for both channels. The digital signal is master clocked with thermo stabilized PLL quartzes of the highest grade to give a firm and stable time base to all conversion stages.
The A5.2T amazes the listener with the irresistible charming tube sound created from the ECC83S equipped tube pre stage. Just like all evolution line models also the A5.2T is reducing the design to the maximum. Sonically the A5.2T adds to the vast power of the A5.2 the tempered sound texture of the tube equipped prestages derived from the flagshipmodel PA8. Taking advantage of the consequently divided power supplies the A5.2T convinces the listener spontaneously. It combines old school tube technology with the most advanced advantages of high efficiency switched amplifier technology with more than 98 % efficiency.


Aurender S10 Music Playback and Storage Solution

The OCXO oscillators used in Aurender S10 Music Systems are vastly more accurate than ordinary crystal oscillators used in most music servers and players. Clocks are important in guaranteeing jitter-free performance. Incorporating next generation technology with playback from Solid State Drives, easy-to-use iPad* remote control application, up to 2 terabytes of memory, and other unique features, Aurender S10 Music Systems are the ideal music storage and playback solution for modern audiophiles.


Recommended Reference Component: WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Server

15 years of experience in designing turntables - Made in Germany
since 15 years Acoustic Signature is developing and producing turntables and sell them to music lovers all over the world.
Special to this Anniversary we decisded to develop a entry level turntable to make it easier to own a turntable of Acoustic Signature.

The Manfred Mk2 turntable is manufactured using a choice of sumptuous real wood veneers, something you would expect on a high end speaker system rather than an entry level turntable, or painted high gloss piano black or white. The solid wooden plinth carries the substantial high mass turntable platter bearing housing and tone arm mounting plate. The turntable motor unit is remotely sited, close to the plinth, and is the same motor as is used in our high end turntables, powered from our S-Alpha regenerative power supply unit.
For WATT/Puppy and Sasha owners, this added dimension of performance has only been available by trading up to the MAXX Series 3 or the Alexandria's — a choice often rendered impractical by room size. Now, those constrained by their listening environments who crave the next level of musical realism have a new answer. Introducing Alexia. With a footprint scarcely larger than a Sasha, and musicality to rival the XLF, Alexia sets a new standard for ultra-high performance in a compact full range loudspeaker.

For the past 23 years, no product represented the soul and history of Wilson Audio more than the WATT/Puppy. With well over 15,000 units sold since its inception, its place in the pantheon of great audio products is assured. Martin Colloms described the WATT in his landmark book, HIGH PERFORMANCE LOUDSPEAKERS, as the perfect enclosure. Its distinctive pyramidal shape has inspired numerous imitators.
Nevertheless, Sophia's true magic is that a speaker designed to sound so good with modest electronics will still reveal the nuance and detail of state-of-the-art gear. Impressive sales aside, it is Sophia "cult status" among audiophiles which speaks to the success of the original vision. It is not uncommon for Wilson customers who could easily afford the company's more expensive loudspeakers to choose Sophia—just because they love the sound.

Simaudio Ltd., a Canadian audio and video equipment manufacturer, has been in business for nearly 30 years, designing and building high quality electronics for home entertainment use.

The 600i integrated amplifier belongs to Simaudio’s upscale Moon Evolution line of reference-grade electronics. The first Evolution integrated, the i-7, was reviewed on SoundStage! AV in March of 2007 by Doug Schneider.







MRE 220

The newly designed MRE 220 mono power amplifier is based on the ultra-reliable MRE 130 and the award winning RE 290 models. The RE 290 was designed for the newly developed KT 120 power tube. This model won the prestigious Golden Sound Award from Hifi Magazine Stereo Sound in Japan and is used as a reference amplifier by many editors. The MRE 220, Octave’s second amplifier designed for the KT 120, achieves a performance that was previously deemed impossible with tube amplifiers with the KT 120 and its new Power Supply and Output-Transformer-Section designs. The output power climbs up to 220 W RMS into 4 Ohms with 300 W Impulse Power.


The V80 is the latest flagship of the Ge
rman tube specialist Octave – and the prototype of a modern tube amplifier.


A.C.T. C60 Limited Edition

The A.C.T. C60 Limited Edition from Wilson Benesch, where passion and technology meet. Designed without compromise this unique 61 pair Limited Edition puts the listener in the front row like no loudspeaker product before it.

The A.C.T. C.60 Limited Edition is a pure thoroughbred. Building upon the C60, the LE design offers the Wilson Benesch owner the ultimate in prestige. Each pair meticulously built by hand, finished in one of our LE finishes, complete with a LE Serial Plate.

Wilson Benesch & Octave Audio

Netherlands – Audio Excellence – Beautiful Exhibition Of A.C.T. C60 & Octave Audio MRE 130 Monoblocks and HP 300 MK 2 >>>>>>>>



Karan Acoustics

Karan Acoustics KA I 180 MK2

The Karan integrated amp has a cult following.
Milan Karan doesn’t change his products
on a regular basis, so Karan doesn’t get the
brand coverage that a more prodigious and
profligate revamper might and the company
is up against some of the bigger names in the industry
with marketing powers to match.

Karan Acoustics new KA S 600 Stereo power amplifier

True differential (balanced) circuit
Frequency response DC - 300kHz +0, -3 dB
S/N ratio better than -112dB
Damping Factor better than 10000 at 8 Ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz
RMS Power 600/800 W into 8/4 Ohms
(balanced circuit, RCA + XLR inputs, WBT connectors, Cardas internal wiring, etc.)
Dimensions 500 x 235 x 590 mm (19.7 x 9.25 x 23.2 inch) W x H x D
Net weight 76kg (167lbs)




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